Saturday, December 24, 2011

MIL JV Girls Basketball: LAHAINALUNA 50, Baldwin 22 - December 3, 2011

The JV Lady Lunas were only able to suit up 5 players for their 5:30 pm game against Baldwin. The two players not able to play, Lau Hafoka and Kyla Blando-Kahaialii, are their two big tall low post players. So not only were they outnumbered, but they were significantly undersized.

Still, with just their five and no subs, they managed to beat Baldwin by a score of 50-22. And to their credit, they still played their frenetic, full court press game despite knowing that they could not be subbed out AND that they would have to suit up for the varsity's game at 7:30pm up at Seabury Hall for the championship of the Seabury Hall Wahine Classic.

My Two Cents

Given the timing of the games, one could have hoped that they schedule this game a little earlier to give the girls enough time to get to Olinda. My sense though is that Lahainaluna did not consider the option of moving up the start of the game. Instead, I think they intended to get the lead up to 30 in the second half so that the running clock would naturally shorten the game anyway. Baldwin would have none of that. Even down by 25+ points, they fouled and fouled in the fourth quarter. Midway through the fourth, I looked at my watch and saw that it was already 6:45pm. I normally stay to the end of games, but this time, I decided to leave. The game was pretty much over and it was going to be a free throw shooting contest anyway. So I packed and up and sped over to Seabury in record time. I wanted to get there for pregame introductions. I wanted to get shots of each starter as they got introduced. Mission accomplished.

Apologies to the boys' JV team. I was not able to stay to shoot their game against Baldwin. I believe they lost 41-56. Baldwin just has Lahainaluna's number this year, I guess.

For more photos of this game, click here.

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