Sunday, December 25, 2011

Menehune Boys Basketball: Lahaina v. Kahului - December 9, 2011

Last year, Lahaina beat Kahului to take 3rd Place overall for Menehune. In this re-match, Kahului had a very talented and tall kid (Dancel) leading  the way and Kahului pretty much dominated what appears to be very young and inexperienced Lahaina team in the first half. Still, Lahaina managed to keep the score close.

My Two Cents:

  • Found out from Facebook that there was a Menehune tournament and the boys were participating
  • My very good friend Roland, who grew up in Lahaina and went to Lahainaluna with me, confirmed that his son's team - Kahului - was playing Lahaina
  • Bored on a Friday night, no other plans made and the wife on vacation in the PI, I decided to go down to War Memorial to shoot my first menehune game of the season
  • Roland's son is a 6th grader and an alternate, so he was not suited up for the game
  • Roland's cousin - and my college roommate - Edgar, was coaching Kahului again with head coach Cliff Alakai
  • Last year's Lahaina team was very talented, but mostly 8th graders
  • This year's team seems very young and inexperienced. It's still early and I hope they can improve as a team - otherwise, it may be a long year
  • I left after the first half. I understand that the game remained close and Kahului only won by a few points
  • Another classmate of mine, Manu Kenolio, has a son playing for Lahaina.
For more photos, click here.


  1. Thanks for the support!! keep posting
    We won the rematch 37-36 and boys are starting to get the feel. Going to be agreat season!
    Mahalo Coach Nick

  2. Thanks Coach Nick! I was in Honolulu yesterday for work, missed my flight and came in after 8:30pm so I missed your game against Kahului. Great win for the boys! As the high school season winds down, I will be able to come out for some of the Menehune boys' games . . . sucked that the Lahaina Menehune games were often scheduled the same day as the high school games. Anyway, thanks for the comment