Saturday, December 24, 2011

MIL Girls Soccer: LAHAINALUNA 6, Hana 0 - December 3, 2011

I made it a point to get to Lahainaluna field at least an hour early. That way, I can get shots of the girls during warm-ups which will allow me to get "action" shots of each player (because who knows if I'll have that kind of isolated opportunity in the actual game). Having no roster to work with, I had to keep a mental checklist in my head as to who I got and who I needed to take. If anything, I wanted to get shots of Raybeka Sinenci, the newest Sinenci member to attend Lahainaluna. Other than maybe Bridget Joy and Leilani Miranda, I had no idea who else was returning from last year's tough luck team to play soccer.

Once there, I noticed Bridget was there but not in uniform. Leilani was also not there. I decided to just shoot a lot of pictures and worry about who's who after the game.

It was an overcast day - I was hoping for sunny with blue skies. I didn't quite get the background or colors that I wanted. On the plus side, at least it wasn't crazy hot.

The game itself was fun. Against Hana, the girls were able to score early and often. Maile Altier, very strong, athletic and fearless despite a huge metal brace on her knee, scored the first goal. Then freshman scoring sensation Rhyn Lendio scored two goals, followed by a goal by Casey Egan on a penalty kick. Just like that it was 4-0 in the first half.

Second half, Altier scored another goal. Then freshman Alana Stecker scored with a kick from about 35 yards out to make it 6-0. It was a physical battle, which was great because it made for great picture taking!

Best yet, Coach Rockett was nice enough to give me his roster. Now I can associate names with the numbers!

Time to go home, upload the photos, edit what I can, then head down to the Lahaina Civic for some basketball.

For more pictures, click here.

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