Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Like I’ve said many times before, I am going to miss this group. In years past, when the awards were given out, there were only 3 or 4 Lunas left. Very anti-climactic. In 2009, I had a shot of Jackie Owens, Kaila Nip, Jackson Britt and Stephen Adolfson. In 2010, I had a shot of Kaila Nip, Jackson Britt and Stephen Adolfson. In 2011, I had Kaila Nip and Jordan Baclay. So this year, with the girls winning the team championship and more boys qualifying for States, I had a blast shooting the awards ceremony and the after “party”.

Did some fun some, like the entire team jumping off the wall at Centre Court. I didn’t realize Miyana did it with her air cast on and on one take, Alec almost landed on someone’s foot! That would’ve been disastrous.  On both takes, Maui High’s Jhun Gumboc was clowning in the back.

2011-2012 MIL GIRLS CHAMPS: Paige Pasion, Miyana Wagner, Ezra Baccar, Valerie Duque, Charvie Duque, Chantelle Baclay, Lakeisha Ching, Melissa Taketa, Nicole Aceret, Jasmine Garde. Missing: Kailani Amine, Maile Amine, Aja Toscano, Makenna Stockham, Katya Brody

2011-2012 MIL Girls Doubles runner-up: Freshmen Nicole Aceret and Chantelle Baclay

2011-2012 MIL Girls Doubles Champs: Taylor Duarte and Rachel Pascual (Baldwin)

MIL Boys Singles 3rd Place: Jordan Baclay

2011-12 MIL Boys Singles Champ: Alec Wagner

2011-12 MIL Girls Singles runner-up: Melissa Taketa

We even did a team “YOLO” shot. YOLO is this year’s fad amongst the teens and it stands for “You Only Live Once.” It was okay when I first heard it, but got irritating whenever Kamehameha would say it (ha ha just kidding).

We even did a heart shot featuring Mr. and Ms. Lahainaluna tennis – McNeil Magdaong and Melissa Taketa. M&M.

For more photos, click here.

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