Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Wow. That’s all I can say. The Lady Lunas had steamrolled through MIL competition all year. Then they ran into a Maui High pitcher, Samantha Ohigashi  – a freshman no less – who had their number for two games. The Lunas managed to escape the last time they met with a 1-0 win in the second to last game of the season (that run was scored in the bottom of the seventh). Today, they were not so lucky. The Lady Lunas were upset 1-0 in their first game of the MIL tournament. They now have to wait and play a winner-take-all championship game on Monday against the winner of the tournament. I hope that game starts early, because I’m flying to Chicago on Monday.

The Lunas were off-balance all night. They could not muster good swings against Ohigashi and many struck out. Morikawa pitched well but her usual stellar defense behind her let her down, especially in the third inning where Maui High scored its lone run. Who knew that that one run would hold up the rest of the game? Plus, Maui High’s defense was playing out of its mind, with some great catches in the outfield coming to mind.

My Two Cents:  I was shooting on the Maui High side because I came late (3rd inning) and the Lahaina side of the scorer’s booth behind home plate was jam packed. As I was shooting away, had this other guy come up next to me, but on the inside of the gate that says Players and Coaches only. I thought to myself, who dis guy and didn’t he see the sign? Then in-between innings, the umpire was taking a swig of water and scolded the guy next to me a little bit about coming on to the field and to not do that without permission, etc. And I thought to myself – geez, dis guy. Kinda overzealous parent! Then when I heard the man next to me apologize to the umpire, I immediately recognized the voice! It was Brad Sherman from the Maui News! He must have been covering the game because he didn’t have coverage and I think I had told him it wasn’t guaranteed that I could make it because of my commitment to the tennis tournament in Wailea, plus with me going to Lahaina to shoot volleyball, there was no way I could e-mail pictures to him prior to 9pm for publication. Was kinda funny that he got scoldings, but I’m glad was him instead of me!

For Maui News article, click here.

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