Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I always look forward to shooting cross-country in Kapalua because the venue – a golf course – is great to shoot at from a photographer’s standpoint. Better than shooting at a school campus, or a park with choke traffic in the background. Usually, it’s nice and cool in Kapalua but today, it was BLAZING HOT and HUMID! Holy smokes! Even with an 8am start time, there was no clouds in the sky and the sun was merciless! I felt badly for the runners out there on what would still be a very difficult course under normal conditions.

Word was that many of the top runners were not competing today – they may have been competing at an off-island meet, or at the many events occurring in Lahaina this weekend: Maui Tacos 5K, 10K, Front Street Mile, Maui Marathon and Maui Half-Marathon. Kamehameha Maui didn’t have any runners competing at all.


 Lahainaluna finishers were as follows:


Girls:  14. Gabriela Miyamoto, 26:01:15; 30. Nicole Aceret, 28:22:34; 34. Stephanie Haro, 29:15:84; 46. Angelei Shulman, 30:37:81; 56. Maya Ryan, 32:21:00; 57. Yasmine Chandli, 32:21:50; 60. Karina Arroyo-Haro, 33:35:12; and 64. Ruby O’Donnell, 34:52:56.


Boys:  19. Kamal Golaube, 21:29:06; 20. Dean Omura, 21:32:50; 53. Kerek Franz, 23:12:22; 58. Zillah Lafey, 23:21:65; 84. Owen Pendergast, 25:45:06; and 87.  Nick Nunez, 26:09:06.



For more photos, click here.

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