Monday, September 29, 2014

LAHAINALUNA BOWLING – September 6, 2014

Back to the dungeon known as the Maui Bowling Center to shoot (or try to shoot) Lahainaluna’s bowling team in action. They have a different coach this year and I was not sure who came out. Last year I learned the best time to come in to shoot was during warm-ups, when the Bowling Center leaves the light on above the bowlers. So I got there at 2pm before the 2:30pm start. The Bowling Center attendant recognized me right away and let me go where I needed to go. I was only able to shoot for about 5 minutes before they started the matches, but I must’ve lost 5 pounds in sweat along the side of the alley! Was so hot! I wasn’t able to get the best shots, and they are grainy as heck because I had to boost up the ISO to 6400 but it will do for now. Looks like Ennah Cabading and Brenna Dudoit Vasquez were having fun. 



For more photos, click here.

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