Thursday, September 29, 2011


The Lahainaluna side at the start of the game against Baldwin.

I guess I'm not the only one who noticed the smaller crowds coming to watch Lahainaluna sports this year. Maui News sports writer Rob Collias noted it as well in his blog after the Lahainaluna-Kamehameha Maui game. Jeff Rogers noted in on his Facebook page for Lahainaluna High School Athletics.

I first noticed it at the Baldwin game - usually the best attended match up of the season. When I turned in the 4th quarter to get shots of the fans, I saw a lot of gray bleachers. I've even noticed Cheecho noticeably absent - I think I saw him at the Baldwin game back on September 2, but from the second half up to now, I haven't seen him in his customary spot. Hopefully, Cheecho is okay. Maybe because there are less people going to the games, there is less of a chance for him to hitch a ride. Oh well.

Where's Cheecho?
One theory jumping around in my head is that attendance is down because the team is much smaller this year in terms of numbers, and lacking familiar names like Rickard, Casco, Arcangel, etc. (That is a lot of old time Lahaina people that would normally be at the games!) I anticipated that this would happen for girls' basketball - Maiki Viela's family members made up a HUGE amount of the fans that attended the games. I chuckled to myself because they would leave after the girls' game was over, and the boys' game actually had less fans than the girls! With her graduation last year, as well as the graduation of boy basketball players TJ and Leroy Rickard and Micah Arcangel, the Lahainaluna will be hard-pressed to find fans to fill the seats this year!

Anyway, I hope this is just an aberration and not a trend. Come on out and support Lahainaluna and its athletes. And if you see Cheecho on the side of the road, NO SHAME! Give him a ride!

Lahainaluna v. Baldwin 9/2/11

Lahainaluna v. Maui High 9/16/11

James Hapakuka (Lahainaluna c/o 89) - okay, somewhat misleading.
This is prior to the JV Game vs. Kamehameha on 9/24/11 and the other family members were attending a baby shower

The crowd at the Lahainaluna - KSM game 9/24/11 - right after halftime.

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