Friday, July 22, 2016


Here is the MIL Varsity Football Schedule for the coming MIL season.

JV games usually start at 4:30pm. Due to the uncertainty whether Kamehameha Schools Maui is fielding a JV team this year, the JV Football schedule has not been posted.

LAHAINALUNA JV FOOTBALL will debut in the preseason against Pearl City at Lahainaluna on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. Please get your tickets to reserve  your entry into the stadium from the school, coaches and players.




Here is the MIL Cross-Country Schedule for the coming MIL season.

Friday, February 5, 2016



It bothered me a bit that I predicted Clark would not attend Leah’s going away party or that he didn’t get to say goodbye.  I realized that, again, I may have been misled by the cleverly manipulated teasers that OTWOL puts out where it makes things worse than what one is led to believe.

To not say goodbye to Leah, even if it was forever, would be out of character for him and a big cop out. It would be as if he’d given up on Leah and not willing to fight. Clark has always shown that he is always willing to fight for his love. He needs to show Leah (and Simon) to the very end, that he still loves Leah and will support her no matter what, even if she goes to Dubai. Clark cannot let Simon think that he has won.

I predict Clark will say goodbye. Perhaps not at the tenement – maybe he was busy saving a life or helping an old lady cross the street – but for sure at the airport. There has to be another airport goodbye. I’ve watch too many K-Dramas in my life.



By Glen Pascual

I'm normally blogging about Lahainaluna sports - although it has been a while. But my wife has me hooked on this Filipino teleseries entitled "On the Wings of Love" by Dreamscape and ABS-CBN. We subscribed to The Filipino Channel specifically because of this show and my wife's infatuation with all things JADINE. Needless to say, I've become hooked myself even though I am a Hawaiian-born Filipino with no ability to speak or understand Tagalog.
After viewing the trailer put out by Dreamscape and ABS-CBN this morning, and receiving bits and pieces of more information about where the show is going and how it will end, I was literally inspired to commit my thoughts – and my predictions – to paper. Some of it is outlandish and over the top, but the heart of it, if you will, is that Clark and Leah will remain true to their character, true to themselves, true to each other and love will definitely lead them back together.

·         Clark, ever the noble idiot, lets Leah go to Dubai.  He has no choice.

·         However, Sol’s heart attack changes the picture considerably.

·         With Clark’s business in upheaval due to the swindling, not getting bids and losing business, he cannot help Leah with her family’s hospital bills;

·         Clark realizes he is not in a position, financially, to provide for Leah;

·         Clark realizes he is not in a position, emotionally, to support Leah in her individual dreams of being successful and achieving;

·         At least knowing that Leah had turned down Simon/Dubai and had initially decided to stay, Clark can feel comfort for his ego that Leah chose him over Simon.

·         However, with Sol’s heart attack and Rona’s kidney issue, he has to let Leah go so that she can earn money to pay the medical bills;

·         So Clark lets her go. His heart is torn. He cannot bear to go to Leah’s going away party

·         The swindle situation gets rectified. They get some money back.

·         The business is able to survive. But Clark tells Tita Jack to take over management.

·         His boys will be able to do the orders right now.

·         He will go back to San Francisco, go to school and come back to help expand the business.

·         Still hurt, he makes Tita Jack promise to never tell Leah or her family where he is, or what he is doing.

·         Clark returns to San Francisco

·         He is totally off the grid. No Social Media. No Face Time, Face gram, etc.

·         He goes to trade school/works with a master furniture maker and hones his craft.

·         He goes to college and gets a degree and masters in business administration.

·         He works 5 jobs in the meantime. Goes to school when he can.

·         No girlfriends at all during this whole time.

·         He still wears the ring

·         There are times when he tries to search or contact Leah, but he resists. Its too hard for him. Too much pain. Everywhere in San Francisco reminds him of Leah.

·         He becomes VERY SUCCESSFUL.

·         He returns to the Philippines and the family business takes off. They expand, exporting furniture all over the world.

·         He buys the Hotel he used to work at

·         He buys the Villa in Napa Valley that he used to help clean – that he stayed at with Leah – that would’ve been their dream home

·         He pays off Sol’s hospital bills anonymously

·         He pays off Rona’s hospital bills anonymously.

·         He pays for Gabby’s private school education anonymously

·         He has become every bit as successful as Simon, but his heart is still broken.


·         Sol’s heart attack forces her to make the decision to go to Dubai with Simon;

·         They need the money to pay his bills;

·         So now, going to Dubai is not about chasing her dream. It’s about being an OFW all over again – but at least she will have a chance to further her career;

·         She is saddened and disappointed that Clark does not show up for her going away . . . they did not have a chance to properly say goodbye;

·         Leah still loves Clark. Her heart is 100% with Clark

·         She keeps her ring on

·         She takes the memory box with her to Dubai;

·         She keeps her married name Leah Olivar-Medina

·         As is consistent with her character, her reason for going to Dubai is to pay for her father’s bills. She will always identify that as her reason and focus, no matter what Simon says or tries to dissuade her

·         Just like when she first married Clark, it was for the green card and nothing more. It was a business deal

·         Hopefully here, in Dubai, it is still a business deal but never turns into love

·         Simon’s one-sided love does benefit Leah in that she gets a lot of mentoring and continues to be successful in  her career;

·         Having been told by Clark in Thursday’s episode that Simon has other motives (I’m a guy, I saw it in the way he looked at you), Leah is now cognizant of situations with Simon where business crosses personal lines

·         Leah works hard to keep it a professional/business relationship and never personal;

·         Leah also manages to steadfastly refuse alcohol, even when socializing with clients, because Simon may take advantage of her;

·         Leah tells herself that she will not be like her Mother;

·         She remains true to Clark in her heart;

·         Every time she wins an award or gets recognition, she never forgets to thank CLARK as her inspiration and the love of her life – which of course irks the shit of out Simon;

·         She searches the internet for Clark, but cannot locate him.

·         Clark’s family refuses to tell her anything other than he is doing fine;

·         Simon tries hard to get into situations for Leah to fall for him – to love again – but Leah remains loyal and resists all advances;


·         Tolayts takes over the jeepney business, becomes financially successful. Moves out of his mom’s apartment and has is own – at Tenement One, of course

·         Tiffany slowly melts the ice and begins to fall in love with Tolayts

·         They start dating. She smiles more. She is finally feeling happy.

·         Gabby is happy


·         They start dating

·         Jigs is in a happy place.

·         He smiles more

·         He is nicer to his mother

·         When Jigs learned about Leah and Clark’s situation, he goes to Clark. He doesn’t gloat. Tells him that this is how Leah is. He knows. He’s been there. But he is supportive of his cousin, Clark. He tells Clark how sorry he was for trying to break them up, that Clark is the better man. He also tells Clark not to worry about Leah. She still loves Clark and will be focused on her work.


·         Rona donates her heart to Sol

·         Sol donates his kidney to Rona

·         They both fall in love with each other because they need each other to take care of each other

·         They adopt Brent

·         Brent falls in love with Audrey, even though they are cousins

·         Harry beats up Brent


·         He professes his love for Jigs

·         He is devastated when Jigs rejects him but just wants to be friends

·         Rico continues to write awesome poetry and goes to gay bars with Tita Jack


·         Adrian runs into Leah in Dubai;

·         Adrian still loves Tiffany but realizes they can never be together

·         He still wants to be a part of Gabby’s life

·         He is willing to do so without putting any romantic pressure on Tiffany

·         Leah convinces Tiffany to let Adrian back into Gabby’s life

·         Adrian also looks after Leah in Dubai, to make sure Simon keeps his distance



·         Simon and Leah are hired to do an ad campaign for a new, fast-rising furniture making company in San Francisco;

·         Unbeknownst to Leah and Simon, the company is Clark’s company;

·         Tita Jack, the general manager, is the one that hired Ad Mart to do the campaign, unbeknownst to Clark;

·         A business meeting is scheduled at Clark’s old hotel;

·         Trailer:  Clark leaves the hotel and literally runs into Leah as she rounds the corner

·         Upon recognizing each other, they cannot help but feel pleasantly surprised. They smile at each other, the spark is still in their eyes;

·         Leah: “Clark! What are you doing here in San Francisco? Are you still working at the hotel? How’s Cullen?”

·         Clark: “I own the hotel.”

·         Leah: “Let’s go eat Pizza!”

·         Clark: “I own that, too!”

·         Then Simon shows up.

·         Their smiles quickly fade away;

·         Clark realizes that Simon and Leah are still working together, which means they may be together;

·         Leah hates that Simon showed up at that moment. They need to go, they’re late for their meeting.

·         At the meeting, Simon and Leah wait for the client to show up. They don’ t know much, other than the client worked from the bottom of the ladder up to where he is one of the fastest-growing, successful furniture maker in the Philippines and US. The campaign will focus on taking the brand worldwide, targeting the OFW in all parts of the world.

·         Never before had they encountered a potential client whom they knew nothing about;

·         They can’t prepare as well because they don’t know who he is, what he likes/dislikes, what his tastes are, etc.

·         The meeting occurs and its Clark

·         Clark also has no idea – Tita Jack had set this up – but with his financial success and college degree, no longer feels inferior to Simon. He is confident, but not cocky. He exudes the old Clark charisma.

·         Leah is obviously enraptured by this. Simon is pissed;

·         Leah and Clark decide to go on a business dinner – without Simon;

·         Clark: “I’m the client. I want to deal with Leah”

·         Desperate, Simon sees this as an opportunity to make his move;

·         Leah is early to the dinner appointment. She gets the table and waits for Clark.

·         Simon shows up;

·         Simon will get Leah to file divorce papers under the guise that she is successful now. She should be successful under own name, not the name she got from a sham marriage and a failed relationship – what if people start to dig into her past? It will ruin her emerging reputation

·         Simon will profess his love to her finally. The kiss on the hand was totally one sided. Leah looks disgusted. 

·         Simon tells her to forget about Clark. Time to move on. He was a loser with no education, no money. He could not or will never be able to provide for her like he (Simon) can;

·         Simon tells her she needs to feel love again . . . with him as her inspiration.

·         Clark shows up while this is happening. But Clark does not see Leah’s reactions. All he sees is the back of Leah’s head, Simon holding and kissing her hand, and giving her a ring.

·         Clark does not see that she already has a ring on her finger. The ring that he gave her.

·         Upset and devastated, Clark leaves. However:

·            He does not see Leah reject Simon.

·            He does hear Leah say to Simon, once and for all, that Clark has her heart and no one else ever will.

·            He does not hear Leah say to Simon that Clark was right about him and his motives.

·            He does not hear Leah telling Simon that she could never trust him anymore.

·            He does not hear Leah tell Simon that she has become successful on her own.

·            He does not hear Leah tell Simon that she does not need  Simon’s mentoring anymore.

·            This bird is about to spread her wings and fly!

·         TRAILER:  Fine arts place

·         Leah calls Clark – why didn’t you come to our meeting

·         Clark says something came up

·         Let’s meet at the Fine Arts bench (where it all began)

·         They finally are able to sit and talk without Simon interrupting

·         About what each has been doing since Leah left for Dubai

·         About what Clark has done since Leah left

·         They both agree that after the break up, they were each able to achieve their individual dreams

·         Still devastated by what he saw last night, Clark tells her that despite their individual career successes, “Saying yes to marrying you was the biggest mistake of my life.”

·         He gets up to leave and walks away;

·         Before he gets away, Leah runs up to him and gives him a Korean drama-style back hug;

·         She tells him how she disagrees with him.

·         Marrying him was the best thing she ever done, and the happiest she has ever been.

·         That she couldn’t have achieved her dreams without him;

·         That his words of support and encouragement were what kept her going in Dubai;

·         That Clark was the one who kept inspiring her in Dubai;

·         That she does not love Simon and never will;

·         That she rejected Simon’s advances;

·         That she is leaving Simon’s company and starting her own;

·         That she still has Clark’s ring on her finger;

·         That she still loves Clark, never stopped loving Clark and always will love Clark forever;

·         Shot of Clark from the front and to the side, his eyes closed, tears streaming down from his eyes; Leah backhugging him, In tears, nudging her head into the back of his neck and shoulders

·         A smile starts to form on Clark’s face.

·         He opens his eyes, glistening from the tears but it’s a decidedly happy glisten

·         He turns his body within Leah’s grasp and they are face to face

·         No words are said. They kiss through the salty tears.




·         Clark hires Leah to do the ad campaign.

·         Simon is not part of the deal.

·         Leah leaves Simon’s company

·         Leah thanks Simon for his mentorship and hopes they can remain friends professionally as colleagues – she still gives him credit for the success she has had;

·         Clark and Leah go to Lake Tahoe and create beautiful memories for Instagram

·         Tiffany is pregnant – with Tolayts’ baby!

·         Jigs and Angela are pregnant!

·         Audrey gets into college. Harry enters high school

·         Church wedding – Clark and Leah